CCE: Cognitive Chrono-Ethnography


We, human beings, select next behaviors that should maximize our satisfaction by making use of meme that stores our past experiences and by processing input from environment and individual by appropriately allocating available cognitive resources. The underlying processes are simulated by Model Human Processor with Real Time Constraints, MHP/RT (to be presented at CogSci2010). On the basis of MHP/RT, this paper proposes a new study method for understanding human behavior selections in daily life, Cognitive Chrono-Ethnography, CCE. When a study field is specified, CCE defines critical parameters by conducting qualitative MHP/RT simulations, then designs ethnographical field observations and recordings of elite monitors’ behaviors in the space defied by the critical parameters. Structured interviews follow in order to obtain the descriptions of the participants’ history of behavioral development. By analyzing the results of interviews, models of present behavior selections and chronological changes will be built.

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