Workshop: The Psychology of Negotiation: When, Why and How


Economic conditions are placing unprecedented pressures on universities and funding agencies. For young scholars, this translates into fewer postdoctoral and faculty lines. For highly experienced senior scholars, it emerges as fewer opportunities for new programs of research and collaborations, and this in turn limits the options available to senior scientists for training young scientists. Research and economic analyses predict that the impact of the economic crisis to be more detrimental for females than for males (see, e.g., the 2009 ILO Report on Women and the Economic Crisis). Against this backdrop, reports that recent male PhDs are almost three times more likely than recent female PhDs to initiate financial negotiations assume immense significance (Babcock & Laschever, 2003). Bowles will describe her recent work on gender and negotiation (Bowles, & Flynn, in press; Bowles, & Gelfand, in press; Bohnet, & Bowles, 2008)

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