Dreaming Cogniton and Acculturation Processes


The author suggests that dreaming cognition be modeled as reflecting dynamic, integrative, culturally-sensitive, and historically holistic methods. The author conceptualizes six models of dreaming cognition. 1) Freudian dreaming model, 2) Jungian analytic model, 3) neurocognitive or neurophysiological dreaming model, 4) acculturative dreaming brain model (Sang Bok Lee, 2005: “Lee Acculturation Dream Scale,” Psychological Reports, 96), 5) Cognitive-experiential model, and 6) narrative meaning-making model. Neurocognitive dreaming model (“dreaming brain” model) has been a turning point to rehabilitate Freudian and Jungian models in terms of recent neuroscientific experimentation and verification utilizing clinical patients. Acculturative dreaming brain model complements cross-cultural scheme of dream interpretation by using Korean-American college students’ dreams. Cognitive-experiential model (“focusing” method) and narrative meaning-making model (story-telling and thematic analysis, “Lee Cross-cultural Dream Anxiety Scale” – Sang Bok Lee) provide some critical hermeneutics for dream interpretation.

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