The Effect of Repeated Cue Exposure on Post-Completion Errors


Slip errors in routine procedures are difficult to eliminate: training or increasing motivation are ineffective. Recently, several studies have used visual cues to reduce postcompletion errors, which occur when the last step in a task is forgotten after the main goal has been completed. Cues are effective in reducing PCEs. However, concerns have been raised over whether repeated exposure to cues may lead people to rely on them, and therefore become more prone to errors should the cue inadvertently be unavailable. We report on an experiment that tests the effect of repeated cues on the PCE rate. Participants were repeatedly exposed to an aggressive visual cue just before the PC step, and this cue was withdrawn on a number of target trials. Our results show that error rates on these target trials are similar to those of non-cued control participants, suggesting that participants do not become over-reliant on the cue.

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