Relationship between Theory of Mind and Figurative Language Comprehension in Schizophrenia when controlling for IQ and Executive Functions


In a previous study (Gavilán & García-Albea, 2009) 23 schizophrenic patients and 23 healthy controls were assessed in Theory of Mind (ToM) and Figurative Language Comprehension (FLC) abilities in order to explore the functional relationship between both capacities. We used 3 ToM and 3 FLC tasks. We found that ToM correlated high and significantly with FLC only in the group of patients. In the present study we aim to identify whether the association found in patients between ToM and FLC was genuine or it is better explained by impairments in general intelligence and/or executive functions. For that purpose, the same sample was assessed using a short form of the WAIS-III-R in order to estimate their IQ, and 7 Executive Functions (EF) tests to estimate their executive integrity. Results show that the correlation between ToM and FLC capacities remains significant when controlling either for IQ, or when controlling for EF.

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