Effects of Semantic Integration and Advance Planning on Grammatical Encoding in Sentence Production


To examine how semantic integration and the scope of advance planning affect utterance planning and subject-verb agreement error rates, participants described picture displays using subject noun phrases (e.g., the apple for the pie(s)), with singular head nouns and local nouns in prepositional phrase modifiers, and then completed them as sentences. Semantic integration (the conceptual link between elements within a phrase; Solomon & Pearlmutter, 2004) was manipulated by varying the preposition used to link the head and local noun. SOTs and agreement errors were recorded. Speakers were faster to initiate speech when the head and local noun were integrated than when they were unintegrated. Agreement errors were more likely when the local noun was plural than when it was singular. Supporting the scope of planning account (Gillespie & Pearlmutter, 2011), slower initiators produced more agreement errors, suggesting that speakers who do more advance planning are more likely to experience interference.

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