Teleoperated Android as a Tool for Cognitive Studies, Communication and Art


Teleoperated androids are robots owning humanlike appearance equipped with semi-autonomous teleoperation facility. Since their birth, Geminoids and Telenoids have been used in a variety of domains throughout the world, from studies in various fields such as in cognitive psychology / neuroscience, social psychiatry, developmental psychology, robotics, and human-machine interface to philosophy and art. One example is the android drama which showed new possibilities on not only on usage for teleoperated android robots but for artistic representations as well as seeking purity in the natures of human beings. In this workshop, we will focus on the further enhanced and broadened usage of teleoperated androids that can provide new means for cognitive science studies, and can bridge the gap between cognitive neuroscience and the behavioral sciences, as well as philosophy, social science and arts, leading to a new way of understanding human beings.

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