The Role of Imagination in Augmenting Perceptual Representation


Knowledge construction requires both perceptual information from external sources and our active interpretation of that information. Thirty one 5th grade elementary school students were asked to move plates in a Tower of Hanoi (TOH) task, which was displayed on a screen monitor. When the students were asked to respond to the weight of the plates, both imagination and non-imagination groups reported that they felt weight of the plates which actually had no weight. Also, students in imagination group reported that they felt the plates heavier than did those in non-imagination group. The result shows that haptic information can be created without providing any information through haptic channel. In addition, the result implies how knowledge is constructed based on previous knowledge and suggests that children create their own imaginary world even at a perceptual level. Also, it was discussed why imagination experience can maximize and help learning in embodiment activities.

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