Reading and Writing Performance in School-aged Children with Specific Language Impairment or/and with Developmental Coordination Disorder Identified at Preschool Age


Ninety-seven children with a diagnosis of specific language impairment (SLI: 43) or developmental coordination disorder (DCD: 41), or both disorders (13) at preschool and 323 typically developing (TD) children were tested with the Chinese Reading Achievement Test (CRAT) and the Basic Reading and Writing Test Battery (BRWTB) to measure their reading and writing performance when they were 7-8 years of age. The results showed that children with SLI scored lower on CRAT and BRWTB than TD children. Children with DCD scored similarly to TD children on the two reading tests, but scored lower on the writing subtest of BRWRB. The incidence of dyslexia in children with SLI, children with DCD, children with both disorders and TD children is 48.6%, 14.3%, 50% and12.9%, respectively. Early assessment of the language and motor development in children at preschool may help to predict their reading and writing performance at the early years of schooling.

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