Expanding the Transformation Paths in a Mutual Transformation Mechanism of Music and Narrative


Music is an important part in the narrative generation system we have been studying, but is not merely the accompaniment of narrative. For the integration of the knowledge and techniques of narrative and music, we developed some versions of the automatic mechanisms which mutually and cyclically transform narrative structures and musical structures using narratological and musical methods. A previous prototyping system consists of various transformation modules: a “music composition” mechanism from a narrative or a story, a “music variation” mechanism from an “original music”, a transformation mechanism from “variation music” to the narrative discourse, etc. This paper’s goal is to add other possible circulation paths to expand the system framework. Specifically, we implement a new “original music” generation mechanism by the re-formation of the original music anew and add a transformation mechanism from “variation music” to the new “original music”. Moreover, we are evaluating the corresponding relationship between narrative and music, and the quality of generated music.

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