Differential Effects of the Cultural Orientation Dimensions on Global Precedence


This study investigated the differential effects of individualism-collectivism dimension (ICD) and horizontal-vertical dimension (HVD) in cultural orientation of individuals in the same cultural background on global precedence. The participants were classified into ICD and HVD groups, and asked to respond to compound stimuli which were varied by stimuli types (figure/letter) and stimulus-stimulus (S-S) congruence. Differences in global precedence were compared. The results showed the followings. First, although global precedence was larger in the compound figure than in the compound letter, and larger in the S-S incongruent condition than the congruent condition, none of cultural orientation dimensions made any difference. Second, ICD and HVD affected global precedence independently. Third, a significant interaction effect between HVD and S-S congruence was found, but there was no interaction between ICD and S-S congruence. These results indicated HVD rather than ICD can be a more valid dimension to compare the effect of individual differences in cultural orientation on global precedence.

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