Implicit learning on the order of the visual stimuli under interocular suppression


We investigated whether learning on the order of the visual stimuli occurs under interocular suppression. In learning phase, low contrast characters were presented sequentially to one of the eyes. Conscious perception of the characters was suppressed by flash streams presented to the other eye (continuous flash suppression). The character streams consisted of quadruplets of fixed order characters, and the order of the quadruplets was randomized. The characters were selected from Yi script that was new to the subjects. In testing phase, the quadruplets were presented to the both eyes, and the subjects hit the key as soon as the target character appeared. If the subjects respond faster when the position of the target was later in the quadruplets, it is likely that they had learned the order of the stimuli. Preliminary data suggests that the learning on the order of novel visual stimuli occurred under interocular suppression.

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