The Role of Embodiment on Children’s Memory Recall through LEGO Robotics Activities


Previous research has shown that embodied cognition involving body positions and physical enactment can enhance memory recall (Dijkstra et al., 2007; Scott et al., 2001). This study investigates the role of embodiment on children’s memory recall. Participants were fifth graders from two urban public schools attending a Robotics after-school program. They were asked to recall different LEGO Mindstorms sensors they used when constructing their robots and which of the physical science concepts were presented. Students were randomly assigned to one of the two learning conditions: science learning with robotics or science learning with robotics and embodiment. Students in embodied group outperformed the students in the robotics group. The results suggest that embodiment has remarkable potential to enhance children’s memory recall and performance on recognition tests, as compared to children without the embodied experience.

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