CyclingMusic & CyclingMelody: A System for Enriching Scenery Experience in Cycling by Real-Time Synaesthetic Sonification of Passing Landscape


When riding on a bicycle, many people enjoy looking over the landscape passing by. This study discusses how to enrich scenery experience in cycling. Since the scenery experience is based on an embodied perception, it is known as one of the tacit knowledge, thus enriching it is difficult. In order to overcome this problem, we focused on the feature of auditory sense. Human audition can accommodate dynamic information better than vision, and data sonification presumably represents time-series data more efficiently than data visualization. We constructed two systems named “CyclingMusic” and “CyclingMelody” that translate the perceived movement of the scenery and other visual impressions, such as hue, lightness and colorfulness, into music. The continuously changing view is captured with a web-cam and translated into MIDI events that are replayed instantaneously. This allows for a reflection of the visual impression, adding a sound dimension to the visual experience and deepening the state of perception. A practical experiment in cycling shows sonification makes participants deepen the spatial experience.

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