Analytical method of Japanese folk tale for story generation


The purpose of this research is to examine whether a new story can be created by analysing folk tales. The tools of folklore like the tale type and the motif indexes are used for the analysis. The original text of this research is "Momotaro" (Peach Boy). This story had taken a rejuvenation motif until Edo period (19C). I examine 4 factors converted from the rejuvenation to the abnormal birth motif: 1)Prosperity of popular literature, 2)Enactment of elementary school textbook, 3)Diversion of folklore to nationalism, 4)Fight uplift animation in World War II. Next, I show the structure of the story from the following points. {Process of the birth}, {Hero's name}, {Attendants}, {Motivation of departure}, {Strategy of demon extermination}, {Return to home}. I clarified how this story was influenced from the society. Then, I examine to generate the text by analyzing "Momotaro", and compared with the Japanese 5 great folk tales.

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