The Narrative Structure of Nostalgia Cognition and Film


This study inspects re-defining nostalgia and re-modeling the narrative structure of nostalgia cognition. To re-define nostalgia, we use mainly three kinds of nostalgia by Davis (1979), which consists of “simple nostalgia” “reflexive nostalgia” and “interpreted nostalgia.” The narrative structure of re-defined nostalgia cognition is consisted with the three kinds of nostalgia. The re-defined nostalgia includes not only affirmative but also negative factor. This study includes analyzing of films and experiments, which are investigating whether the three kinds of nostalgia is cognized by using the programmed materials. The materials are able to change the past and current scenes of films controlled by the computer programming. These analysis of films and experimental results suggest that some films can enable a viewer experience various kinds of nostalgia. On the other hand, other films can enable a viewer experience only a factor of nostalgia or not at all.

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