A Method of interviewing to Constructively Generate a Narrative through Interactions between Interviewer and Interviewee - A Case Study to Examine Creative Thoughts of an Architectural Student -


We discuss both a method of interviewing about an individual’s creative thinking and a method of recording an interviewer’s behavior. From the viewpoint of scientific examination, interviewing is supposed to be an act of retrieving an interviewee’s thoughts in a raw manner without being influenced by the interviewer’s viewpoints or intentions. An individual’s thoughts are, however, mostly tacit knowledge. Even the individual himself is not necessarily able to externalize it by himself. We argue, rather, that interviewing should be an act of generating a narrative in a constructive manner through active interactions between an interviewer and an interviewee. Based on this paradigm change, we have devised a method of interviewing using a memo tool so that the interaction becomes active. Moreover we have developed a method of recording an interviewer’s behavior situated in the interaction in order to examine what kind of behaviors make the interaction active.

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