Towards the Development of Integrated Narrative Generation System as the Implementation of Literary Knowledge


Narrative contains diverse literary elements (e.g. narrator, character, story, plot, media), and narrative generation system should organically combine them. Previously, we developed a variety of the elements comparatively individually. The current goal is to develop a system in which all modules are organically integrated. This paper shows the pilot integrated system including about 800 modules and conceptual dictionaries, moreover discusses a detailed design for the revised version. The generation phase is divided into story, discourse, and expression. Story and discourse are described as each conceptual structure. The transformation by narrative techniques is corresponding to the narrative generation process. The mechanism is constructed by the integration of AI techniques such as script, story grammar, discourse relations and narratological knowledge such as Propp’s story structure, Genette’s discourse theory and Jauss’s reception theory. In this sense, this system is also an approach integrating the interdisciplinary genres. The generation process is executed by a control mechanism that selects techniques to be used based on the parameters for defining structures and characteristics of the narrative to be generated.

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