Rhetoric of Biopic and Viewer's Reconsideration : Isn’t “story” an Obstacle?


In the cognitive process when the viewers of narrative moving images appreciate its world and to deepen their consideration, is it “story” or “rhetoric” to take an important role? This is the interdisciplinary point at issue cross-linking the domain where study such as art, literature, rhetoric, and a problem of representation with images, and a cognitive-affective mechanism are connected. Therefore this study used two biopics - "Tower of TARO" and "YUMEJI", and examined it. After having shown the 10 minutes partial images which experimenters fixed, the questionnaire was performed for 267 participants. The question was given "how you reconsidered the concept that experimenters showed to watch each image". Free variables were made by the answers about disposition to various images, ANOVA was carried out afterwards. As a result, it was suggested that the deep concept reconsideration might occur more towards the viewers which minded rhetoric than story development.

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