Why so Stressful? The effect of coping strategies and social support to undergraduate students in Korea


Purpose: To investigate the amount of stress that Nursing College Students for Nursing Examination acceptance competitions and campus life. Method: The data was collected from 250 students at S Nursing College in Seoul, Korea using questionnaires including the following: CES-D(Center for Epidemiologic Studies – Depression), BAI(Beck Anxiety Inventory), Coping Stress Scale, Self Esteem Scale, Social Support. Results: The average score for the CES-D turned out to be 18.43(SD: 7.25) which higher than the average 14.77(SD: 9.47) which was firefighters in Seoul, Korea who had experienced many kinds of disasters. As a result, the mediating effects of positive emotion on the relationship between the social factors and CES-D /BAI were supported. CES-D was positively related only to social support(r = 6.47, p < .000) and especially, CES-D most related family support which one of the social support and didn’t any relationship with the amount of other scales. Conclusions: We must acknowledge the fact that the amount of stress being received by college students preparing for Nursing Examination is very severe. The amount of stress was even higher than that of college students who experienced a natural disaster. There should be active programs in Nursing College to alleviate this stress if we want to have brighter, healthier college students in the future.

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