Embodied Skill to Activate Communication in TV Shows


How can we activate communication? Although we participate in and contribute to various conversations everyday, we are not necessarily self-aware of what skills we employ to activate conversations. A good example of experts good at activating conversations is comedians. They quickly grasp what roles they are supposed to play in any changing circumstances in a TV variety show so that the whole atmosphere is enjoyable. Focusing on “Ametalk”, a popular Japanese TV variety show, we examined what skills comedians possess to direct conversations toward an enjoyable atmosphere. We analyzed conversations statistically from the viewpoints of “roles” and “rhetoric”, clarifying why comedians’ conversation makes us amused. Especially, our focus is on a popular comedian Mr. Kendo Kobayashi; we statistically showed that he not only makes an appeal of his strong personality by playing some roles he is good at playing, but also changes roles according to circumstances.

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