Innovating scuba diving education through enhanced immersion and authenticity within the eDiving® environment


While recreational scuba diving is considered safe and easy to learn, people often become divers on vacation without frequent follow-up diving. Infrequent diving is ill-advised since the scuba diving skills deteriorate over time which can lead to diving accidents. We aim to address the gaps between diving activities by giving people the opportunity to practice relevant scuba diving skills at home. Although prior work on interactive e-learning environments has shown beneficial learning through adaptive personalized instruction, a missing element concerns physical education. As such, we will add two immersive technologies to enhance the authenticity within the interactive eDiving® simulator ( For each technology we will run a laboratory and a field study, followed by a field study combining both technologies and using Open Water students. As such, our work not only can improve scuba education but also avoid deterioration of important scuba diving skills and consequently reduce diving accidents.

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