An explanation for status of listening to the late musical works of Morton Feldman by cognitive point of view


Abstract: Late musical works composed by Morton Feldman (1926-1987) have common characters, 1) a denial of the development by musical form, 2) a continuance of tranquility and monotonous texture and 3) very long duration of performance. When listening to these pieces, the listeners will just face to the each note rather than trace the musical form brought by the evaluation of result made by listener's expectation to the next musical scene in succession. Shono defines this status of listening as the process that listeners find out the meaning in each note actively, rather than understand the given meaning passively (Shono, 1991). In this study, we explain that the status of this listening are arisen by, a) forfeiture of figure and ground of time sensation, b) activation of multi and inter sensation by the forfeiture of figure and ground, and c) generation of ambiguity between listeners and musical work as an object.

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