Developing and Testing "Visualizing Connection Note," a Constraint-Free Two-Dimensional Concept-Mapping Tool for Ideation


Writing a research paper imposes a heavy cognitive load wherein one gathers ideas, develops relations among them, and decides their order. This complex, time-consuming process can be facilitated by collecting daily ideas and laying them out freely on a two dimensional map. We thus developed “Visualizing Connection Note: ViCoNote,” which has cloud application “Evernote” on its left side and a two-dimensional space on its right side. The user can easily draw various documents like texts, photos, and voice memos from Evernote to the space, and try to group, superimpose, juxtapose, and connect them. One participant used ViCoNote for two months as a pilot study, and found that it facilitated recording contextual information for brainstorming as well as condensing the information for concept mapping. We are now testing its effect for undergraduates’ writing their graduation theses.

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