For female eyes only: Comparing the effects of enlarging eyes and irises on facial attractiveness


Various beauty products have been developed motivated by our general concern to facial attractiveness. The eyes and irises are quite often the main target of those cosmetic attempts to increase beauty of female faces. Many women use cosmetic items to make eyes look larger, but some Japanese women use contact lenses to make irises look larger. In this research, we compared rated attractiveness of female faces with enlarged eyes and enlarged irises. We also compared those faces in terms of likability and childishness. The result showed that faces with enlarged eyes were rated more attractive, while faces with enlarged irises were perceived more likable and childish. Moreover, female participants evaluated faces with enlarged irises more attractive, though males did not. We suggest that the eye-makeup to enlarge the appearance of irises has the effect of showing the female faces more attractive only for the viewers of the same sex.

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