Multi-platform Experiment to Discuss Behavioral Consistency across Laboratory and Real Situational Studies


We constructed an innovative experimental platform to discuss behavioral consistency in driving behavior. In our experiment, the participants were required to engage a vehicle handling task using three different systems: the real (an electric vehicle), virtual (a driving simulator) and laboratory (a computer monitor and a game pad controller) systems. The results are summarized as follows. 1) In the real system, the behavioral consistencies within participants were different among three fundamental behaviors (brake, accelerator, and steering). Whereas the consistency of the brake behavior was the lowest, the steering behavior was the highest. 2) The same pattern of consistencies in the real system was confirmed in the virtual and laboratory systems. 3) The pattern of consistencies between the real and virtual systems was similar to the real system. On the other hand, the pattern of consistencies between the real and laboratory systems was different from the real system.

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