Can Incubation be efficient in Reviewing?


By examining eye movements, we reveal an effect of incubation in the reviewing process of creative problem solving. Although previous research on reading comprehension considers eye movements, the reviewing process, an important stage in writing, has not been focused on. We constructed themes with different familiarities and monitored eye movements during the reviewing process on a computer screen to record saccade, fixation, and the degree of attention paid to blank spaces. While recording the reviewing, we focused on distinguished macrostructure changes to compare the quality of texts after incubation-facilitated reviewing. Additionally, we conducted a questionnaire survey on metacognition and a semi-structured interview regarding cognitive strategy in reviewing. We examined the correlations between theme familiarities, metacognition, the quality of reviewed text, and eye movements. We propose an instructional method in writing education to reveal the correlations between the reviewing aspect of complex problem solving and incubation, a semantic cognitive process.

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