Design of motion using mimetic words


Today, with several media of expression being available, the field of design has come to address more dynamic and impressive objects such as sound and computer graphics. In this study, we attempt to design such a creative and emotional motion that resonates with deep feelings that are difficult to verbalize using mimesis in the Japanese language and we believe that mimetic word is capable of expressing deep feelings. While onomatopoeic (sound-symbolic) words imitate actual sounds, mimetic (reality-symbolic) words, for example, shiku-shiku (sobbing) and kune-kune (wriggling), express appearance, movement, feeling, and other phenomena. We extracted mimetic words which indicate movement from other mimetic words. We showed how using mimetic words can help identify suitable motions that can be combined to create a new creative and emotional motion. This motion can be applied to such elements as animated logos and be used to create appealing advertisements.

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