Pictogram Network to Support English Composition Instructors


Pictogram Network is a network representation with drawings, which illustrates information or knowledge that is difficult to transfer via usual conversation. Writing an essay with a complex context requires a high level of language skills, especially in foreign languages. This paper describes the basic principles of Pictogram Network and proposes a novel support method for peer review activities for English as a foreign language composition education. When applying the method to the composition learning, the learners are required to select pictograms from the provided list and link them in order to convey the main purport of their essays. The results will not be affected by inessential factors such as spelling errors and trifling grammatical or syntax errors. Therefore, ambiguities of the context about the composition topics will become clearer than in the conventional method. The proposed method also helps to indicate illogicality of the context in writings, and will be useful even in multi-lingual environment.

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