Workshop Proposal: PRE-CogSci 2013: Bridging the gap between cognitive and computational approaches to reference


Reference is a key mechanism in human communication which has long been studied in different areas of Cognitive Science. The PRE-CogSci 2013 workshop, which focusses on the production/generation of referring expressions, follows in the footsteps of two earlier CogSci workshops in seeking to forge closer links between the approaches that are associated with the different disciplines, with special attention to psycholinguistics and computational linguistics. Peer-reviewed contributions on all aspects of the production/generation of referring expressions are solicited. Special themes of the workshop will include: (1) Collaborative reference, (2) Nondeterminism in production, (3) Interaction between comprehension and production, and (4) Combinations with research in vision. There will be invited presentations by Herb Clark and by Noah Goodman.

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