Integration Costs on Auxiliaries? – a self-paced reading study using WebExp


In their evaluation of the integration cost component of Dependency Locality Theory on the Dundee Corpus, Demberg and Keller (2008) found no significant main effect of DLT integration cost on reading times, but suggested that this might be due to auxiliaries incurring some of the full verb's integration cost and thus facilitating processing of the verb. This hypothesis however, has to date not been tested. The present paper fills this gap by reporting an experiment on subject vs.~object relative clauses including auxiliaries, as well as by testing Demberg and Keller's hypothesis directly on the Dundee Corpus. A further contribution of this paper is methodological: we replicate experimental results on the subject vs.~object relative clause assymmetry in a self-paced-reading experiment run remotely on the web using WebExp.

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