Pedagogy and Technology: Balancing student-centric learning with teacher-centric teaching


Technology can be used to create student-centric learning in diverse ways, including the use of social media platform(s) and interactive simulations to teach inductive thinking, and games to facilitate self-directed learning. But, teacher-centric teaching is important as student-centric learning is; both aspects contribute to the student learning process, although the former has hardly been considered explicitly. Specifically, while technology develops apace, that teachers might continue to prefer traditional teaching modes and styles is an issue that should not be taken lightly, because teaching performances can be compromised if these modes and styles were compelled to evolve prematurely. I will particularly discuss the apprehensions that teachers might have as a technology-based teaching culture rapidly emerges, and how the dissonance between (non-)preferred modes of teaching and learning in this context might be resolved, in order to promote a technology-enhanced education system that ultimately benefits both teachers and students in a practical way.

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