Writing-related Visual-motor Abilities in Children with Developmental Coordination Disorder


Twenty-five children with developmental coordination disorder (DCD) and 25 age- and gender-matched typically developing (TD) children were tested on writing-related visual motor tasks with a self-developed electronic assessment tools: “Writing Start”. Children with DCD were diagnosed according to the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria. TD children were recruited from community. Twenty figures with different complexities and sizes were used in the tasks. Error number, error time, and error pathway, each representing a deficit in action, temporal and spatial motor control of writing movement, were compared between groups. The error number was significantly larger in the DCD group than that in the TD group. The error time and error pathway were also longer in the DCD group than that in the TD group, especially when the figures were smaller and more complicated. Children with DCD indeed have difficulties in mastering visual motor skills for writing.

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