Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in Conceptual Feedback Environments


Prior research in learning with graphic organizers has revealed that learners can make use of graphical overviews to increase their learning in online environments, especially when these visual supports are provided before learning. This research examined the extent to which the format of feedback in an online learning environment impacts students’ processes and outcomes during a self-regulated learning task. Students wrote scientific essays that were analyzed by a personalized learning service (the customized learning service for conceptual knowledge: CLICK). Feedback on essay content was presented using either a visual (node-link) representation or a (text-based) list view. Preliminary data reveal that learners presented with the visually-based feedback engaged in more effective self-regulated learning processes (i.e., planning and goal-setting) compared to learners provided with list-based feedback. Results demonstrate that the format of external feedback in self-regulated learning environments play an important role in supporting students’ implementation of effective self-regulated learning strategies.

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