Motor Resonance Effects Modulated by Perspective: A Role of Linguistic Contrual on Social Action Perception


We investigated motor resonance effect(MRE) during perceiving interactive social action scenes of two people. Perspectives of the social action scenes were manipulated by the voice (active vs. passive) of sentences describing the scenes. In Exp1, subjects' response time for stepping on a pedal was analyzed for investigating MRE during understanding of the scenes where a person is stepping on a foot of the other person. In Exp2, the response time by the lip action on a microphone were analyzed for exploring MRE during perceiving of the scenes where a person is biting an arm of the other person. In results, the MRE in both experiments was significant only when the scenes were described in the active voice. Our results indicate that the motor resonance effect can occur during perception of social events, but it can be modulated by the perspective of the mental construal of the event.

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