Russian Validation Study of the International Affective Picture System


The aim of this study was to examine cultural universality of the International Affective Picture System (IAPS) on a Russian sample (Lang et al, 2008). One hundred subjects evaluated 300 IAPS pictures according to their valence, arousal and dominance. Affective space determined by valence and arousal dimensions had a similar distribution to the American sample. There were significantly high correlations between North American and Russian ratings of valence, arousal and dominance. Nevertheless comparison of these ratings showed that there are significant differences between North American and Russian valence, arousal and dominance scores. Such differences suggest cultural specificity оf situations which induce emotion and provide evidence of cultural factors effect on the affective experience. Lastly, it shows the importance of using local cultural norms for internationally available stimuli in addition to the original stimuli, even in the study of such universal processes as an emotion. Supported by RFH Grant 12-06-12058.

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