How Teacher Support Children’s Empathic Understandings toward Characters? -Focusing on the presentations of similar situations-


The present study examined how the presentation of similar situation to character’s situation would support children’s empathic understandings toward character. According to Barnes & Thagard(1997), people find similar situation of which the target is in, and transfer the emerging emotional state to target to understand his feelings empathically. Therefore, it was expected that teacher’s presentation of similar situation to character’s situation would scaffold children’s understandings toward character’s feelings. Sixth graders’ 6 moral education lessons were observed and speeches were recorded. The scenes, where similar situations to character’s situations were provided by teacher and used by children, were analyzed. As a result of qualitative analysis, the followings were found: 1) Children who had difficulties in understanding characters’ feelings were able to imagine it by using presented similar situations. 2) Teacher presented similar situations to emphasize not only “similarity”, but “differences” between situations to prompt children’s understandings toward characters.

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