The searching effect of metaphor on text rereading: Difference by familiarity


Text comprehension is the process of searching and uniting information. In this process, some pragmatic triggers such as metaphorical expressions can help select important sentences from the text. In this regard, Taira and Kusumi’s (2008) demonstration of the effect of metaphor comprehension on the text rereading process is controversial and lacking in persuasive data. This study comprises two aspects: a reanalysis of Taira and Kusumi and an additional experiment examining how the effect of metaphor comprehension on text rereading works. The results of this study showed the effect of metaphor, and indicated two points: (1) the effect of metaphor provide a meaning-searching process that showed a delayed reading time of sentences that describe important information regarding a text topic, and (2) this effect was shown in the case of unfamiliar metaphors, and not familiar metaphors.

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