Computational Cognition Ideation Challenge

Kevin GluckAir Force Research Laboratory
Vladislav VekslerAir Force Research Laboratory
Norbou BuchlerArmy Research Laboratory
Troy KelleyArmy Research Laboratory
Paul BelloOffice of Naval Research
James DonlonNational Science Foundation
Alonso VeraNational Aeronautics and Space Administration
Bob LeeWright Brothers Institute


Across a diverse assortment of topics, competitions have been established to motivate and focus scientists and engineers, as well as students interested in such careers, on ambitious objectives. Examples include the famous RoboCup robotic soccer tournaments, the International Conference on Functional Programming (ICFP) contests, and the High Performance Computing (HPC) challenges. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) speaker recognition evaluations, although officially considered not to be competitions, also provide intriguing examples of “crowd-sourced” improvements in methodology and capability. Whether we refer to them as competitions, challenges, tournaments, or evaluations, the purpose these recurring annual events serve is to create opportunities for a broad cross-section of interested and capable people to participate in the process of accelerating scientific and technological progress.


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