Moot Point Process Models

Love Bradley C.University College London
Jarecki JanaMax Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin
Busemeyer Jerome R.Indiana University
Taatgen Niels A.University of Groningen
Griffiths Thomas L.University of California, Berkeley
Jenny MirjamMax Planck Institute for Human Development Berlin


Cognitive science aims to understand how humans and animals process information and to build models of these processes – often referred to as process models. However, there seems to be no consensus about what constitutes a process model or which process models are useful (see e.g., Pohl, 2011 for the Recognition Heuristic Model). This symposium will discuss the moot point process models from various perspectives. It brings together researchers who develop and work with different types of models, such as ACT-R, probabilistic computational models, quantum probability, or fMRI data. Focusing on models of judgment and decision making, they will present and discuss the level and scope of their models, which are all seen as candidates for a “process model”.


Moot Point Process Models (139 KB)

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