Does Training of Cognitive and Metacognitive Regulatory Processes Enhance Learning and Deployment of Processes with Hypermedia?


In this study we examined the effectiveness of self-regulated learning (SRL) training in facilitating college students’ science learning with hypermedia. Sixty (N = 60) undergraduate students were randomly assigned to either a training condition or a control condition and used a hypermedia environment to learn about the circulatory system conducted overall several days. We collected self-report and performance data as well as concurrent think-aloud protocols throughout the various stages to training. Overall, there were no significant differences on several learning outcome measures between conditions. However, those in the training condition remembered significantly more declarative knowledge of cognitive and metacognitive strategies. Lastly, think-aloud protocol data showed significant differences in the use of the SRL processes immediately following training, but not following a 3-week interval on a hypermedia transfer task. The results have implications for the design of training methods and intelligent tutoring systems.

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