Tactile Experience Is Evoked by Visual Image of Materials:Evidence from Onomatopoeia


We get a lot of information from a picture based on our background knowledge. However, previous researches have paid little attention to background knowledge we use in texture processing. The present study explores the degree to which onomatopoeia evoked by visual images is affected by the multimodal experience-based knowledge such as tactile experience. In Experiment 1 participants saw original complete images and answered onomatopoeia for expressing their textures and in Experiment 2 participants saw cut out images and answered onomatopoeia for expressing their textures. We obtained 17487 onomatopoeic words from experiment 1 and 30138 onomatopoeic words from experiment 2. We counted the number of types of onomatopoeia evoked by each image. Result showed that original image evoked significantly more variety of onomatopoeia than cut-off image. This result suggests that human texture evaluations based on the original complete images are affected more easily by experience-based knowledge about the material.

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