Wallace: Automating Cultural Evolution Experiments Through Crowdsourcing


The experimental study of cultural evolution, social learning, cooperation, and collective decision-making asks fundamental questions about our capacities to learn, decide, and communicate in a world that is shared with other people. Experimental studies of cultural evolution have revealed a wealth of findings, including how structured forms of communication emerge from individual learning and decision-making (Verhoef, Kirby, & Padden, 2011; Claidière, Smith, Kirby, & Fagot, 2014), the inductive biases underlying human decision making (Griffiths et al., 2008), how innovations accumulate in populations to produce technologies that go beyond what any one individual could create (Caldwell, & Millen, 2008; Derex & Boyd, 2015), and how the mode of communication affects transmission and acquisition of new skills (Morgan et al., 2015).

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