Network Analysis of Characters' Relationship in "Chronicle of Death foretold" using Graph Theory


Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of interest in network analysis research across the social sciences and computer science. As it is an idea that can be applied in many fields, this study, in particular, its influence in the literature. We present a method for extracting social networks from literature. This study focuses on the relation between novel itself, narration in fiction and was carried out experiments with 89 undergraduate students. They were instructed to write down their remembered memory of the novel after reading the novel ‘Chronicle of a death foretold.’ We extract features from the social networks of characters in students’ recall story and examine their differentiation with one another, as well as novel’s setting. This study compares graph theory–based cohesion measures characters’ relationship in novel and students’ story. Our results suggest an alternative explanation for difference in social networks.

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