Infants' Developing Coordinated Visual-Manual Object Exploration and Links with Vocabulary Development


Research has demonstrated links between visual and manual object exploration and infants’ object perception (e.g., Soska, Adolph, & Johnson, 2010). However, systematic investigation of the development of visual and manual object exploration and potential cascading effects on early word learning is lacking. In a longitudinal study of infants aged 9 to 24 months, we captured dynamic visual and manual information using head-mounted eye tracking and motion tracking of infants’ hands as infants and their parents played with objects. Parents completed the MCDI vocabulary assessment at every visit. We will present preliminary data investigating individual and developmental differences in visual and manual object exploration, the resulting object views that are generated, and their relation to word learning. The results will inform our understanding of the relations between motor development, visual attention, and word learning in infancy.

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