The Fine Art of Conversation


This workshop aims to give human interaction researchers the conceptual and practical apparatus to balance their representations of data (usually just drawings and photographs), so as to “maximally incite, but also constrain” their representations, as artists sometimes successfully achieve (Streeck, Grothues, & Villanueva, 2009, p.28). Why—as Streeck points out—are the drawings and visualisations of interaction researchers so halting and timid, compared to how artists have responded to the same representational problems? These heavily segmented, sparsely constructed representations of interaction suggest a prevailing positivistic outlook with regard to representing shared space, where interaction is presented as staggered and discrete physical events with little to connect them. The workshop seeks to redress this situation by examining the solutions that artists have arrived at when representing human interaction, and asking participants to engage in a series of activities and discussions which will re-frame their approaches to this issue.

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