Citizen Science, Gamification, and Virtual Reality for Cognitive Research


This workshop discusses three topics. The first topic is citizen science which involves volunteers all around the world generating data to address scientific problems, and recently led to breakthroughs in the natural sciences. Citizen science typically involves volunteers playing online games while unknowingly solving real scientific problems. Although citizen science data cannot offer meximum experimental control, the citizen science samples are usually very diverse. Our second topic is gamification which means adding game-like features to a task. Gamified tasks are typically motivating for participants. While citizen science often uses gamification, laboratory studies can also benefit from being gamified. Our third topic is virtual reality, a technology from the gaming industry enabling players to experience a environment in 3D, as if they were in the middle of it. This typically causes subjective immersion by simulating a naturalistic experience of interacting with the world, while simultaneously offering control about the events.

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