The Computational Foundations of Religious Cognition: A Workshop Hosted by the International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion (IACSR)


Religion is of global significance, and its study requires explanations from cognitive science. Currently, the cognitive science of religion consists of researchers working in an array of disciplines, employing diverse methods, including, among others: experimental research and modelling in psychology and neuroscience, and historical, archaeological, and comparative studies of religious cognition in anthropology and religious studies. The International Association for the Cognitive Science of Religion (IACSR) seeks to advance the naturalistic and cognitive study of religion by providing settings for productive dialogue across disciplinary boundaries and methodological approaches. This half-day workshop, organized by the IACSR, has three complementary goals: 1) to expose attendees to diverse methodologies for studying the computational foundations of religious cognition, 2) to provide a forum for researchers to present recent empirical findings that bear on our understanding of religious cognition, and 3) to foster new research collaborations.

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