Can Illness be Bright? Metaphor comprehension depends on linguistic and embodied factors


Conceptual representations in language processing employ both linguistic distributional and embodied information. Here, we aim to demonstrate the roles of these two components in metaphor processing, and investigated their roles at different depths of. Thus, we required participants to engage in shallow processing (Experiment 1: Sensibility Judgement), or deep processing (Experiment 2: Interpretation Generation). Results showed that the increase of both variables made it more likely to accept a metaphor. However, whereas ease of simulation (EoS) contributed to the speed of processing at both levels of depth, linguistic distributional frequency (LDF) only affected the speed in shallow processing. Specifically, LDF acted as a heuristic, both to speed up responses to accept metaphors as sensible when the frequency is high, and to flag up potentially unsuccessful processing when it is low. Overall, these results support grounded views of language processing.

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