Auditory and Visual Contributions to Multisensory Integration


Multisensory integration, or the merging of information from multiple sensory modalities, is important for many everyday tasks. One methodology used for examining this process is the Sound Induced Flash Illusion (SIFI), which presents participants with a number of flashes and either the same number of beeps (congruent) or a different number of beeps (incongruent), and requires the participant to respond by entering how many flashes they saw. The study expands on this research by examining the relative contributions of auditory and visual information on multisensory integration. While congruent and incongruent auditory stimuli affected visual perception (Experiment 1), there was little evidence that visual input affected auditory processing (Experiment 2). These findings support auditory dominance and modality appropriate hypothesis in adult populations and have implications on tasks that require integration across auditory and visual modalities.

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